Who are the waiters?

Two categories of people can represent waiters. One of them includes young people with no experience in this field and students. For these people, this job is a temporary way of earning money.

The second category is waiters professionals who are dedicated to their work and gradually climb up the career ladder. They can become administrators over time and, in some cases, directors of restaurants and directors of cafes.

Each institution puts forward specific requirements for the service personnel, but one of the rules remains unchanged in all catering places: the client is always right.

Features of the profession of a waiter

The primary responsibility that a waiter of a cafe or restaurant should be able to fulfill is table setting. This is an art that has its own specific rules and laws. For example, a real professional can lay the table with a tablecloth in ten ways. 

It is also not at all easy to arrange the dishes and cutlery correctly.

Also, one of the primary duties of a waiter in a cafe or restaurant is to meet visitors and take orders from them. On the one hand, it seems that there is nothing easier than approaching clients, greeting them, and serving a menu, but this business has its own specific rules that the waiter must follow. 

The waiters greet guests of a cafe or restaurant, help to choose a dish, so they must know the entire menu. They create a hospitable atmosphere in the cafe or restaurant so that customers are satisfied and return to this place again and again.

The waiter’s salary depends on the institution where he or she works. Restaurants can pay more than cafes. A significant part of the income depends on tips – compliments from guests. The more professional and friendly the waiters are, the more they receive.

Advantages and disadvantages of the waiter


  • You can get a job with almost no experience.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • The level of income depends on professionalism.
  • Some establishments provide free lunches for staff.
  • With good service, you can get good tips from customers
  • No need to get special education.


  • Psychological tension through working with people.
  • Constant work on your feet.
  • Sometimes there are situations with conflicting visitors who can ruin the whole mood 
  • Night shifts.
  • Lack of career growth.
  • Deductions from the salary when the client does not pay for food.

Waiters are in great demand in the labor market because more and more people want to have lunch and breakfast outside the home. There are many establishments with a variety of cuisine. Additionally, this is an area with staff turnover because many waiters are students who work part-time, and after graduation, they resign from the job as a waiter and find a permanent job.

Now you know who the waiters are and what they do. And in conclusion, we would like to say that having chosen this profession, you do not need to enter a university, but you need to complete special courses in order to find a well-paid job. We hope that you enjoyed this article and this will help you to make the right choice in your life. 


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