Stickers that are attached to glass are similar to those that are glued to walls, but there are differences between them. Those products that are intended for gluing on walls are of high density and have an image on only one side. In turn, window decals can be transparent or semi-transparent. This is done so that the image is fully viewed from both sides. Some options are only window decoration, others can combine decorative as well as protective functions. The dense film allows the glass to be strengthened, it will be quite difficult to break it.

Glass stickers are used not only for private but also for commercial purposes. For example, if we talk about a cafe, then there are situations when ugly views and landscapes open from the windows. To make the interior more pleasant, stickers are glued to the glass, which can completely block the view from the window, change it. After the product is glued, a bad landscape will not open from the window, but the sea expanses, mountain peaks, flower fields and so on will become visible.

What is the sticker attached to the window?

Stickers are made from a special material. It is a thin film on which the image is printed. It has an adhesive backing covered with a protective layer. Such products can be small and represent an element of some general picture, for example, butterflies that fly over a flower, as well as birds or snowflakes. We can say that this is an application. Another option can be ordered. The glued product will occupy a large area of the window or even cover it completely.
It is important to understand that after using a product that is attached to a window, it will no longer be possible to reuse it. Window decor in this case is disposable. If you need to change the image, then these applications will have to be thrown into the trash can. You shouldn’t regret it, because these products are inexpensive. They can be ordered continuously without incurring significant costs.

The service life of such stickers is quite high, they can last 3-4 years. Of course, you will have to periodically wipe the image with a damp cloth. But the film is moisture resistant, so it is quite capable of withstanding constant contact with moisture. If we talk about the fastening process, then it is quite simple. The main thing is to pre-prepare the glass, to clean it from dirt and dust. After that, you need to partially remove the protective layer from the sticker, if it is large in size, and carefully start the fastening process, periodically smoothing it over the glass surface. It is necessary to try to ensure that no air bubbles remain under the film. Then the window decor will look as beautiful as possible.
Who makes such products and how? There are companies that do this on a professional basis. You can order different window stickers from them for decorating glass. For production, such companies use a special printing technique capable of printing even large-format images.


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