Working from the coffee shop all day is fun and all — until your battery goes dead because you forgot to charge it. This, and so many other reasons, is why having the best laptop for your needs is so important. Read on for more information on why investing in a Laptop can make your life much easier!

The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a laptop is what exactly you plan on using it for. Are you a graphic designer, musician, or programmer? Figure out what software you’ll need to run on your laptop before purchasing it. Do you want to be able to edit photos on the go? Figure out if your laptop of choice has a graphics card that’s up for the task.

The biggest factor when it comes down to what laptop is right for you is, of course, your budget. Be realistic about how much money you can dedicate to a new computer – it isn’t worth going into debt just so that you have the best of the best! In addition to looking at price tags, figure out which features are most important to you as well as how many features are unnecessary and may drive up the price unnecessarily.

If you’re a college student, be aware of your laptop’s battery life. Chances are that you’ll be using your laptop in areas with no power outlets, so short battery life could prove to be a huge inconvenience. However, if you plan on being stuck at a desk for most of the school day, short battery life may not prove to be as big of a problem.

If you’re going to be using your laptop on the go frequently, have your budget include purchasing an external mouse and keyboard as well as investing in anti-virus software. Laptops are essentially portable PCs that are vulnerable to viruses, trojans, and other types of malware that can cause major issues for your personal PC.

Make sure you have your laptop well protected by purchasing data storage. At the very least, pick up a small USB key for storing documents and photos so that they don’t fall prey to any pesky hackers.

To be honest, not having the best laptop for your needs may mean you’ll have to go out of the way to use your devices in certain ways.

What tips would you add? Do you have any good laptops that you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

How to choose the best laptop for college students

Evaluate your budget. There are few things more frustrating than being cheap on the laptop front. Once laptops are bought, they’re hard to replace or upgrade, so be cautious when looking at buying one that’s too cheap. Figure out what you really need. Though it might seem hard, knowing exactly what purpose your laptop will serve is essential in buying the right one. Think about what kind of work you’ll be doing with it long-term and look at how much you’ll need it to stay powered up. If you do a lot of programming or design work, look for a battery that can give you at least four hours without having to the plugin.

Avoid investing in a webcam, because those tend to jack up the price of a laptop and they’re typically not necessary for most students. Rather, having a good CPU and graphics card is key. Consider whether you need 3G or broadband – that can also affect your budget – and look for wireless connectivity options. The best laptops that we recommend for students will definitely help you navigate the landscape of college life!

As far as screen size goes, 16-17 inch laptops generally fit the bill for most students who work on their laptops all day. Though these screens are a bit large, they’re comfortable to work with and great for viewing movies.

If you take notes on your laptop, look for a good keyboard that’s comfortable to type on. Laptops with number pads can help students who need a lot of extra room while typing.

You might think getting a laptop with a touchscreen is a good idea, but in fact, studies suggest that they can be bad for your eyes and productivity. The best laptops won’t have touchscreens. Students who use their laptops for watching movies or streaming music may want to consider buying external speakers; most laptops’ built-in speakers are mediocre at best.


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