The Stage 6 Surge of Pushd Lures in DOGE and SHIB Advocates; Eyeing a 5,000% Surge

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Buying and selling can be done through many forms and means, but over the years, convenience in the online market has dominated the commerce business. Retailers prefer these platforms’ swift and straightforward process, but lately, consumers have noticed a fee hike. Many startups have tried to solve this but have yet to come close.

In an attempt to tackle these issues, Pushd has introduced an innovative decentralized marketplace. Users can carry out worldwide trades without paying massive fees on that marketplace. Interest in the upcoming platform has increased lately. Investors from Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are flocking to the presale thanks to its 5,000% surge potential.

Dogecoin is Still Bullish Despite the Decline

The market performance of Dogecoin shows that it could hit $1 if it maintains its current pace. With a trading volume of over $2.4 billion and ranking Dogecoin at 8th, the token has maintained its status as a top performer. Dogecoin has recently outperformed many top altcoins in the market.

Despite the bearish correction that sent Dogecoin tanking by over 15% in 1 week, Dogecoin is still pushing forward on the monthly time frame. With Bitcoin hitting new highs, Dogecoin investors expect the token to do the same. Experts are eager to see where Dogecoin prints next.

Shiba Inu Delivers Bullish Momentum

Shiba Inu has powered its way up the crypto ranks, winning the support of massive investors with its performance. Shiba Inu’s price is at the $0.00002 level after experiencing a sharp 16% decline over 7 days. Even with the fall, Shiba Inu is still up 2.85% for the month as of writing this. This development shows that  Shiba Inu can be a volatile memecoin but is still promising.

Despite the dip, Shiba Inu is still a bullish memecoin. The growing demand for Shiba Inu proves that memecoins are still a good investment option. However, experts recommend Shiba Inu investors consider Pushd.

Pushd Teases A 5,000% Bullish Potential

Pushd is a project that traditional consumers and cryptocurrency investors should keep an eye on. The highly anticipated marketplace uses blockchain technology and offers future-proof services traders need for years. By eliminating the middleman, Pushd reduces transaction fees. Pushd has increased its adoptive appeal with instant payments and no KYC verification to protect users’ identities.

Earning is a big part of the Pushd platform. That’s why it has integrated policies like rewarding users with crypto for performing tasks and ranking higher. There’s also a VIP program where members benefit from perks, including cashback, interest payments, and more. Pushd continues to receive praise from experts thanks to its inclusion of a decentralized governance model. Users are also praising its free crypto swap service.

The Pushd token powers all the described features. Therefore, investors have been scrambling to get in on its ongoing presale. The presale is blazing through its sixth stage. It is offering the token for just $0.144. The event has 150 million tokens allocated to it. The growing demand has led to the sale of over 133 million. The token may skyrocket by 5,000% soon, so getting in now is the smart choice.

Find out more about the Pushd presale by visiting the website here.

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