People from Europe may know Stand Up for Europe. It is a movement that fights to create a better continent for its people. Stand Up is a citizens’ property and those who support it want a better future for everyone. They are looking to create a more united European continent where citizens are at peace with each other. People have different passions and interests. Some will prefer playing at jackpot darmowe gry during their free time. Others follow political news in their countries and all over the world. If you are ready to stand up and create a sustainable future for Europe, then learn more about this movement. It aims to create a Europe that connects closely with its people and one that acknowledges democracy and federalism. 

When Stand Up for Europe Began?

Stand Up for Europe movement has been around since December 3rd, 2016. The launching happened at the sixth European Federalist Convention held in Brussels. At that date, three euro-federalist associations merged to join the Stand Up for Europe movement. These included the Stand Up for the United States of Europe, the United States of Europe Now, and the European Federalist Party. It emerged as the first of its kind in reaction to the Brexit referendum and the Election of Donald Trump as the President of the USA. 

The civil movement was against the two outcomes. In less than a year, Stand Up for Europe had made a milestone by becoming one of the co-sponsors of the one-day-long debate held in Brussels. The debated discussions were about the future of the European Union and how to improve European integration. 

What kind of an organization is Stand Up for Europe?

Founded under Belgium law, Stand Up for Europe is a nonprofit organization. The founders of the organizations are Pietro De Matteis, Richard Laub, Olivier Boruchowitch, and Georgios Kostakos. Usually, the nonprofit organization holds its General Meeting once per year anywhere from November to February. It consists of six bodies, starting with the General Meeting. Others are Auditor, Dispute Committee, Group of Advisors, Ombudsman and Executive Board. 

The organization has to select members of the executive board after every year. The rule for appointing them is the majority vote. The Executive Board consists of four officials, including the President and his vice, general secretary, and treasurer. Currently, the President of the organization is Alain Deneef and the Vice President is Luca Polidori. The General Secretary is Benjamin de Vanssay and the Treasurer is Faedran Burhani.

Objectives of Stand Up for Europe

The Stand Up for Europe movement has its objectives. It strives to integrate the whole of the European continent. It wants democracy, solidarity, and collaboration with other similar organizations. The organization strives for a European Constitution, a European youth day, a pan-European art project, and a European Intelligence Agency. From 2021 until March 2022, the organization has held the Conference on the Future of Europe. It hopes that the civil servants, civil groups, citizens, and institutions will voice their opinions on the subject. If you want to learn more about this nonprofit organization, check its website.


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