Every place can be romantic when you’re with your loved one. But some are more romantic than others. One of those places is Portugal. Its climate and geographic position are one of the reasons why people chose Portugal. It’s situated in western Europe, bordering Spain. The western and eastern part of this beautiful country has access to the Atlantic Ocean. 

British people often travel to Portugal because it is close and offers a different climate and vibe. Honeymoons and romantic weekend getaways are some of the most common reasons couples come to this Mediterranean paradise. Food, jaw-dropping bays, and affordable prices; ingredients for a trip you won’t forget so soon.

We’ve got your back if you want to find the best places in Portugal for a date or a magical proposal.

Beautiful Secluded Places for a Date with a Special Sugar Partner

Finding a place without tourists when traveling to a popular destination with your partner might be difficult. This may be especially true for sugar mamas going on vacation with their sugar babies. We know you want privacy; after all, you escaped from the UK’s busy lifestyle to rest and be alone. Read on and see what we’ve found – some of these places will blow your mind.


The town is situated on a hill overlooking the Guadiana River, with the Castle of Mertola above it. The medieval castle is free to visit and is a must-see in Mertola. It offers stunning views over the town, river, and surrounding area. Mertola’s old town is well preserved, so you and your sugar partner can spend hours exploring historical traces all over the town. 

Mature women come to this place for dates because they are secluded. Those same ladies use specializied dating services and are easy to talk to. If you are considering sugar dating and want to find a sugar mama easily,  then online dating is your best bet. Sugar mama and her baby can chat privately in a private chat room. If things go great, they can see each other before meeting. Video chat is now present on many dating sites that help users to take things to the next level.

Azenhas do Mar

This charming fishermen’s town is only 40 minutes from Lisbon. If you think you can’t be secluded being that close to the capital, you’re wrong. Town’s name means Watermills of the Sea because of a once powerful stream that moved the mills. Azenhas do Mar is a typical Mediterranean village with white stone houses tumbling towards the Atlantics. There are numerous famous beaches in the area, so you and your loved one can dip your toes into the ocean and be connected with the world. Sounds like a perfect place for a date with a cougar or any other special person, doesn’t it?

The Most Romantic Places to Propose to Your Partner

If you traveled from the gloomy UK to sunny Portugal to pop the question, we’ve got you covered. Here are some romantic places where you can make a big step in your life.

Sintra, Lisbon

Sintra is considered one of the most romantic locations in the world. It’s a land full of castles and palaces that look like they came from the Sleeping Beauty tale. Can you imagine a better place to go on one knee? This UNESCO-protected area is filled with tourists during the season. You can pop the question in front of the crowd that will gladly record your moment. If you want to be alone (more or less), visit Sintra during the off-season and enjoy your moment.

Benagil cave on the Algarve

The Algarve area can offer many romantic places where you can propose. Many beaches offer stunning views and magical sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. But we had something more unique in mind. 

Benagil cave is sometimes referred to as the Benagil Cathedral because of the various arches it forms. From the outside, Benagil cave appears to be a cathedral. Is there a better place to propose than a naturally made cathedral? We’re not so sure.

The cave can be reached by SUP (stand-up paddle board). It’s not recommended to swim there.

Best Budget Yet Still Lovely Destinations for Young Couples

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you are banned from beautiful destinations across the country. Here are the ones that we found most charming.


Funchal is the largest city, the municipal seat, and the capital of Portugal’s Autonomous Region of Madeira. Because of its historical and cultural value, Funchal is adored by many tourists. This is also one of the most popular New Year’s Eve destinations, so consider traveling earlier and spend Christmas in Portugal. Young couples can explore the area and not get bored. We highly recommend the Laurisilva forest, a UNESCO Natural Site, in the center of Madeira Island. 


Young couples who traveled from the UK to learn about Europe’s history will thrive in Tomar. The town of Tomar was created inside the walls of the Convento de Cristo and constructed under the orders of Gualdim de Pais. He was the fourth Grand Master of the Knights Templar of Portugal in the late 12th century. This is one of the last Templar towns that was commissioned for construction. The oldest medieval urban area has a cross-shaped layout, orientated along the compass points, with a convent at each end. This town holds lots of festivals that both locals and visitors enjoy, so you’ll have many opportunities to test your foreign language skills. 

Hope we inspired you to choose Portugal as your next travel destination, whether you’re looking for secluded, popular, or under-budget places.


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