To thank customers, Kubet always has desirable promotions. Top promotions, such as receiving bets of 128k, sports insurance, and introducing members to receive rewards, can be mentioned. 

However, what surprises KUBET is that many customers have never heard of these promotions. In today’s article, we would like to introduce to you the promotion chosen by 98.85% of customers after registering an account, which is to receive a free 128k bet.

Register to receive 128K free bets from KUBET

First of all, do you already have a KUBET account? Why not register now and right now if you don’t have it?


If you are already a member of KUBET, congratulations, you have the opportunity to receive 128k free bets immediately. However, to avoid virtual accounts, each person is only allowed to register a new version once. KUBET will check new accounts very strictly. It will be locked if one person or IP address writes multiple accounts. New members will not have any problems, but to be sure, don’t hesitate to contact Zalo above to ask for our latest updates.

What is a 128k Kubet promotion?

• This program is exclusively for new KUBET members who register for the first time.

• The simple understanding of the promotion program is that you will receive VND 128,000 for a trial bet, provided that you have to deposit at least 1,000 points into your account.

• After depositing, you contact KUBET for support to score and receive bonus money.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 128k promotion at Kubet?

The most significant advantage is that with just 1 round of betting, you can withdraw money. If you win the bet in the first game, you have complete control over the amount of money in your account. Commit the history is not locked, and no money. This model is the most significant advantage of this house. You will have to play up to 15 rounds of betting before you can withdraw cash. With KUBET, we are comfortable for you to withdraw and deposit very quickly.

Cons: You deposit 1000 points is excellent, but if you deposit 10,000 points or even 100,000 points, the amount to receive the promotion is still only 128k. That is why we recommend that if you are playing sports or casino betting for the first time at KUBET, you should only deposit the minimum amount of 1,000 points. Later, when you have mastered the game, you can customize it according to your ability.

Above is all information about this 128k promotion. If you have any questions, don’t forget to contact our support via chat channels. We are here to support you 24/7.

Instructions for contacting KUBET’s customer care center

Dear KUBET members. In participating in entertainment at KUBET, there will be cases where you encounter many problems, such as the KU Casino app, players cannot access the web, the password being wrong, or you don’t know how to top up. 

Withdraw money. That’s when we, the customer care experts, will be here to help you with your questions, ready to listen 24/7, no matter the time frame. Don’t hesitate to contact Kubet as soon as you have a problem.

Instructions for contacting KUBET’s customer care center

However, it will be a massive loss if you do not know how to contact our support. Understanding your worries, KUBET, in this article, will guide you to get the most proper customer care. You can follow these steps:

• Step 1: You log in to your account. Then click on the support icon with the phone icon 24. The interface on the phone will be illustrated in detail as shown below

• Step 2: Click the support button. Members note that besides the support button, KUBET has many other official communication channels such as Zalo, Viber, direct phone, and even email.

• Step 3. You need to select the question type from the specified list. You can click on the Ask about score icon if you have problems with the deposit not increasing or withdrawing. If you have issues playing sports betting, click on the icon to ask about sports. Similar is the other form of question and answer you can ask so that the consultant team can share their experience immediately.

• Step 4: You will see the official support page. Almost immediately, a customer service representative in Vietnamese will chat with you immediately and even call you back if you provide your phone number.

So you can rest assured. If you have any problems, don’t forget to contact us immediately. KUBET is always here by your side. 

Contact Kubet immediately for timely answers during the game at this house.

How to register for Kubet? What are the issues to keep in mind when writing?

How to register for Kubet? Is it difficult? What are the specific actions? What issues? This model is something that many people wonder about, especially those who are new to Ku casino for the first time. If you want to become a member of the house, do not ignore the following details.

Steps to register for a Kubet account

To register for a Ku casino account, people can do it on a computer or phone. Specifically:

Instructions for writing a Kubet account on a computer

If you sign up for an account on a computer, you need to do the following:

• Step 1: Visit the official Kubet link

• Step 2: Click on the yellow “Register” next to the “Login” box

• Step 3: Fill in the information that appears in the registration table:

• Agent account: This information is kept by everyone when the system automatically updates. You do not arbitrarily delete or replace another agent’s name.

• Account: Everyone enters the username that they will use later. The username can be entered arbitrarily but must not exceed ten characters. In particular, people do not enter Vietnamese with accents, special characters, or spaces and do not coincide with existing accounts.

• Nickname: Players are allowed to enter up to 10 characters. This bet is the name during gameplay.

• Account password: People can enter up to 10 characters. The advice for you is to enter both alphanumeric characters to ensure security.

• Mobile phone: People enter the phone number that they frequently use.

• Step 3: Confirm phone number. After entering the phone number, everyone clicks “send code” and waits for the system to send the code to the phone and enter the Kubet registration information.

• Step 4: Green tick the two information below to confirm the registration and click “Confirm” to complete the registration process.

Instructions for registering a Kubet account on the phone

If you use your phone to register for a Kubet account, you can do it with the following actions:

• Step 1: Access the official link of the Kubet bookie

• Step 2: Click Register next to the Sign in box

• Step 3: Enter your phone number and press “send confirmation code.”

• Step 4: Once the phone receives the code, people enter this code in the “confirmation code” box and then press the “Confirm” button.

• Step 5: Enter the required information with the dealer account, account, nickname, and password.

• Step 6: Fill in additional information, including:

• Account name: This is the bank account name. Everyone needs to enter the exact name printed on the bank card.

• Withdrawal password: This password needs to be entered differently from the Ku account registration password. This password can contain up to 10 alphanumeric characters.

• Step 7: Click “Confirm” to complete the account registration process.

About Kubet bookie

The bookie originated from Thien Ha bet and has officially operated under Kubet, Ku, and Kucasino since 2019. This pattern is a legal bookmaker, licensed and managed by Pagcor. Therefore, every player is the safety of Kubet.

Coming to Kubet, people can freely choose any entertainment they love. From sports, they are betting to live casinos, slot games, lotteries, and lotteries. Kubet has it all. The payout ratio and promotions at Ku are beautiful. This model is a big playground that brings a unique opportunity to get rich for all brothers.

Why do you need to register for a Ku account?

Want to participate in the entertainment world of Kubet, want to be immersed in the betting odds, the house’s super cool slots, players need to have an account here. And it only takes a few minutes to register for Kubet, and you have become a house member. 

Owning an account at Ku will also help players enjoy many attractive promotions instead of borrowing or sharing a bill with others, causing many risks.

What are the issues to note when registering Kubet?

Signing up for Kubet is not too difficult. However, everyone needs to remember a few things when registering to make this process quick and convenient. Specifically:

• Choose the official link to register an account, avoid being scammed, and lose money from fake links

• Fill in the requested information correctly. This game is to protect the interests of the players.

• Do not use an unauthorized bank account. This component may cause Ku to lock the player’s account.

• Do not delete or fill in the wrong agent account information.

Some questions regarding the registration of Kubet

For those new to the Kubet house for the first time, it is often quite surprising when registering an account. Since then, many questions have arisen, such as:

Having trouble registering, what to do?

A fairly common situation that makes many people wonder and worry is problems during registration. You waited a long time, but Ku did not send a confirmation code to the phone. Then people should not be in a hurry. 

You can click resend the confirmation code and wait for the system to send it again. One day, Ku allows players to receive three confirmation codes. If more than three times, your account will be locked. At this point, players should wait for the next day or contact customer service for support.

How many accounts can I register at Ku?

Each person can only register 1 Kubet account; therefore, if n Players who intentionally cheat to register multiple accounts to enjoy promotions will permanently lock their accounts by Ku.

Players already registered for Thabet. Can you write for Kubet?

The answer is no. Because both bookies belong to the same governing unit, if you have registered an account at thabet, people can log in to this account at Ku casino and experience.

Above is detailed information on how to register Kubet for everyone’s reference. Hopefully, these will be helpful shares to help everyone quickly become a member of the Ku house.


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