I’m a consultant for a digital organization. I have a business degree and a business management degree, although I don’t think there is anything more business savvy than being a self-aware person.

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I have a degree in Information Technology Management, so I got to wondering how much business knowledge I could glean from watching YouTube videos. I’m not sure how smart I am, but I have to admit that I am definitely a bit of a novice. I find the videos a good way to test my knowledge and help me sharpen my skills.

I used to think I knew more about information technology management than I actually did, especially after reading the book Business Management for Computer Professionals by Chris Wilson. The book is a bit dated now, but it still contains a lot of good advice for people working in the field of information technology. One of the things Wilson lists is that a lot of people who are in the field are highly self-aware.

There are many good books on information management, and I highly recommend those. You can learn some stuff from the other books in this book too.


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