Big spending is one thing that stresses people, but it is also a promising therapy. From time to time, we cannot deny that indulging in shopping and traveling is a thing we truly deserve. And because nothing is free in this world, it will require us to have some severe transactions, and if you are an individual who does not want to halt spending, a credit card may be a solution for you. In terms of finances, the credit card is valuable because it has its perks as you use them over time. If credit cards are a waste of time, it is better to keep your options open. There are many credit cards in the market right now, and they all have the same purpose: to make your spending as light as possible. 

Credit cards do not only limit you to points; they also have a lot of rewards for you to try. Like the Southwest credit card offers, they also have lists of opportunities for you to steal.

Southwest Credit Cards has lots of credit card bonuses. We will narrow down your choices if you need help choosing a credit card. And in this piece of information, we will solely focus on Southwest Rapid Reward Premiere Credit Card. Make sure to compare and contrast and evaluate their features. Also, list some of the essential things you find significant. Lastly, share this with your families and friends for future reference.

Everything You Need To Know About Southwest Rapid Reward Premiere Credit Card

1.) Has An Annual Fee

If you do not know, the Southwest Rapid Reward Premiere Credit Card’s annual fee costs about $99. If you become a cardholder, you will receive your first billing statement.

2.) Does Not Charge Foreign Transactions

Suppose you are the sort of person leaning toward traveling outside the US and wanting to spend international purchases. In that case, Southwest Rapid Reward Premiere Credit Card does not charge any foreign transactions. This matter might help you lessen the costs. Plus, it is best to have a credit card that does not make hidden charges and straightforward notifications. 

3.) Offers Generous Amount Of Bonuses

As we said, Southwest credit cards will always be generous to all cardholders. Especially when you just signed up or are a new cardholder, you could receive at least 50,000 Rapid Rewards points after spending at least $1000. Note that this only applies within your first three months as a card member. 

4.) Reward Rates

Southwest credit cards have very comprehensive reward rates. If you make purchases with your credit card, you can earn rapid reward points that will profit you in the long run. So, if you are a loyal member and have frequent purchases, that is one of the ways of stacking up your points.

5.) Has Baggage Delay Insurance

Indeed, if you are a Southwest credit card member, you could have some of the travel insurances that are very promising. One of their benefits is:

  • Lost luggage Reimbursement
  • Baggage Delay Insurance
  • Extended Warranty Protection

6.) Cardholder Anniversary Bonus

Being a Southwest credit card member is one of the best ways to have discounts. In case you do not know, they could offer you up to 6,000 bonus points every anniversary. So, it is such a bargain for everyone.

Is The Southwest Rapid Reward Premiere Credit Card Still Worth It?

Every credit card with various offers will always be worth it. With its perks, you can unleash and unlock the best experience in the world waiting for you. And because they do a few insurances, it could add another layer of protection to you while traveling. So, stop waiting and contemplating, and be a credit card holder! This matter is the best finding you can make by the end of the year. Elevate your spending with the help of Southwest credit card offers!


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