“Cindy Lou Who?” I hear you ask. Well, Cindy Lou Who is a character from Dr. Seuss’ ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’. The name has become popularized as an expression of surprise or disbelief and can be used to describe any person who looks very different than you expected them to (e.g., an attractive person in a horror film).

christmas tree, lights, stars @ Pixabay

-The word “Cindy” is a variant of the name “Christina,” and both mean, among other things, Christian. The first use of this spelling in reference to Cindy Lou Who was on Christmas Eve 1963 when her father recited lines from the Grinch’s dialogue while reading Dr. Seuss’ story aloud; he had been pronouncing it as Christina until his daughter said that she thought ‘cindeew’ sounded better for children who couldn’t pronounce ‘christine’. So here’s your question: How do you think I felt opening up my presents? I’ll tell you how I felt! Sour Grapes!! There are more than ten words in English with silent Cs like these too.


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