Alice in Wonderland is a classic story that has been told and retold many times. It’s also the inspiration for this gorgeous dress by cindy lou who, a designer based in Los Angeles. This whimsical design features an Alice-inspired bodice with intricate lace details and an oversized skirt of tulle with layers of soft fabric that will make any young girl feel like she is living her own personal dreamland!

rabbit, animal, line art @ Pixabay

The bodice is a one-piece design made of gorgeous lace. The top has an off the shoulder neckline and cropped sleeves, making it feminine and fun without being too revealing to wear in public. In addition to the off the shoulder style shown on this dress, cindy lou who also offers different sleeve lengths for you to choose from if your little girl prefers more coverage up top. A beautiful overlay skirt completes the Alice in Wonderland theme with its rich colors that call out many memories found within Lewis Carroll’s original work. Wide fabric layers cover most of her legs while tulle tiers create volume at her feet which makes this look perfect for parties or other special occasions where she wants to feel like royalty! Additional details include thigh


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