I’m Cindi Lou Who, the costume designer behind cindylouwho.com. I design and make costumes for kids of all ages! Visit my website to find out about the latest in children’s costumes! Keywords: Childrens Costumes, Kids Costumes, Child Costume Design Cindi Lou Who Costumes: cindy lou who costumes Cindi Lou Who is a costume designer in Los Angeles with over 15 years of experience.

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As an award-winning costume designer and the owner/designer behind cindylouwho.com she has designed costumes for kids as well as adults on many notable projects including “The Good Wife,” “How To Get Away With Murder,””Scandal,””Mad Men”, and more! Her designs have been worn by some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces like Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, Julianne Moore, Viola Davis to name just a few. She also offers one-on-one design services where she will work with you to design an original, custom made costume. She has been featured in the LA Times and on “The Insider” for her designs.


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