“This is the perfect time to start thinking about Halloween costumes!” That’s what Cindy Lou Who would say. But what costume do you want to wear this year? You could be a witch, a pirate, or even a fairy! With so many choices out there, it can feel like an impossible decision. If that sounds familiar then don’t worry- we’re here for you! We’ve put together some great ideas for your next Halloween costume. Image: png with text In the days leading up to Halloween, there’s usually a lot of talk about what costumes people are going to be wearing. And that can make it really tough for kids because they don’t want to wear something everyone else has seen before! If you’re not sure where to start your search, here are some ideas for different types of costumes. The first one is perfect if you like Disney- there’s no shortage of princesses and villainesses in this category from Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) and The Evil Queen (Maleficent) on down through Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and more. There are also plenty of fairy godmothers and mystical creatures such as trolls


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