If you’re looking for a costume that is based on the famous Dr. Seuss character, we have just the thing! This Cindy Lou Who Costume for Toddlers features an adorable dress and matching hat with jingle bells. The dress has a red and white striped top with blue trim, and a blue skirt with white polka dots. There are also two pockets in front to hold all of your “gifts.” To complete this outfit, add some pink tights or leggings (not included), fluffy socks (sold separately) and black shoes (sold separately). Conclusion: Whether your little one is ready to show off their love of Dr. Seuss, or you are just looking for a fun and festive costume idea, this Cindy Lou Who Costume for Toddlers will be perfect! }]}},null)]; }]}},null)]; //]]>,[[{ xtagsxobject&ktd=false;var _com_tags=’script’;var xmldata=[[“\u003c\/body\u003e”,” \r”],[],[” “,””]],””); var weblink = “”; }]}; },{“id”:”gQHy27GZJYIDy81LdUIlhA-Vw”, “href”:”\/get_wallpaper”,”title”:”Get Wallpapers by Artist ZOZOTOWN”, “target”: “_blank”}]}; },{“id”:”gQHy27GZJYIDy81LdUIlhA-Vw”, “href”:”/users/register?destination=userinfo&action=createprofile&source={0}”,”title”:”Register to Get Started with a New Account! Welcome, {name}!”, “target”: “_blank”}]}];var _comktd = (function(_com) { var xtagsxobject = {“id”:””,”src”:””,”type” : ‘text\/html’,”class” : ”}, xmldata=[[“xml


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