Cigna is making big changes, and their focus is on the customer. Branding has never been so important as it has now with all of the competition in healthcare. Cigna wants to make sure they are at the top of customers’ minds when they need medical care or insurance coverage for their families. So what does this have to do with branding? Everything! In order to win over customers, you need a clear message that resonates with them and makes your company stand out from others. A great way to start developing this message is by surveying your prospects about what they think of your brand – both verbally and visually. You should also know who you’re targeting: millennials, parents, people living in rural communities, etc. This information will help you develop a strategy that’s more in tune with your target audience which can increase awareness of your brand and allow it to grow stronger than ever before. They are also taking their branding international: “Cigna is certainly proud to be an American company,” says Ken Wilson from Cigna Headquarters, “but we have been rapidly expanding our presence internationally for some time now.” So what does this mean for the customer? It means they don’t need to worry about traveling overseas as much because Cigna has expanded into over 25 countries worldwide. With such dedication towards customers and increasing its global coverage, I’m sure cigna is poised for continued success!


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