The city and the night have been together since forever. They were born in the same moment, they are inseparable and they will be until death does them part. There is no way to know what happens after that point, but this relationship will always remain a mystery. What seems like an impossible love story when you read it for the first time, becomes appealing as soon as you live it firsthand. The night is dark, mysterious and sometimes dangerous; but also full of possibilities and opportunities for those who dare to explore its depths. The city is the opposite: bright, welcoming and full of opportunities for those who dare to explore its depths. Both are beautiful in their own way; but with both there’s always a price to pay. The only thing that will never change about them is how much they need each other. That is why this relationship will endure until it takes their lives from this Earth together. The streets get unbearable hot during the day -not just because of the heat- and sometimes you can see more stars at night than when looking up into the sky on a clear day. But despite all these opposites, one cannot exist without another and vice versa.” This post was written by Alex Laddie as part of his series “


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