Hi! I’m Ciara and I CAN’T LEAVE EM ALONE. Ciara ft Nicki Minaj – Level Up I CAN’T QUIT HIM, I JUST NEED A BREAK. Enough is enough and this has gone too far So baby, please don’t love me anymore!  Ciara ft Nicki Minaj – Level Up This song is about a woman who’s trying to break up with her man because things have gotten bad between them. She knew it was going to be hard but she had no idea how difficult he would make the whole thing for her. He won’t let go of her and continues to call her despite what she says or does in attempts to get away from him. The lyrics say that “enough is enough” and if he doesn’t change his ways soon then there will be consequences such as legal action. It’s a really catchy song and I can’t stop listening to it on repeat! The meaning of this song is that the woman in question has had enough with her partner and she wants out, but he just won t let go for some reason. She knows how hard it will be to get away from him so she doesnt know why he s making things even harder than they have to be by not letting go when all she needs is for him to back off a bit. The lyrics also speak about consequences if he doesn’t comply such as legal action which seems like more trouble than its worth considering what shes been through already. It sounds like an incredibly catchy pop-song (I’m hooked!) but we don’t know


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