Google Chrome is a web browser that has an infinite number of features. One feature that many people use is the “continue where you left off” option. This allows users to go back to their last tab when they open Google Chrome again, and it will automatically load the page up for them. You can also set this option so that your tabs are saved in order if you don’t want to scroll through all of them every time you close and reopen Google Chrome.

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If you’re interested in setting this feature up on your computer, we have instructions below! Chrome: Continue where you left off. We’ll start by opening our Settings menu under our profile picture at the top right corner of windows screen (or type ‘Chrome://settings’ into address bar). Next, we will select the Tabs option from under Browser. Under tabs, you’ll want to check ‘Continue where I left off’.

You can also set your settings so that if a website doesn’t load correctly when you click on it in Google Chrome, it won’t open at all – this will save time and frustration! We hope these instructions were helpful for setting up “continue where you left off” on your computer. If not, or if you’re still having trouble with other features of Google Chrome feel free to contact us at anytime for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Chrome: Continue where you left off. Google Chrome is a web browser that has an infinite


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