The chromatin is a kind of proteins that is found inside the nucleus. The chromatin contains all of the genetic material in the cell and can be seen under a microscope when it condenses into chromosomes.

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Relevance to Audience: If it’s not clear what a chromatin is, then you should read this blog post. I will focus on the important parts of what we know about these little pieces of protein that are found inside the nucleus. These proteins can be seen under a microscope when they condense into chromosomes and contain all of the genetic material in every cell.

There are two types of chromatins – nuclear heterochromatin which contains genes for transcription (DNA -> RNA) but prevents gene expression, and euchromatic histones that do allow gene expression. The interaction between these two types matter because if mutations occur in one type, it could cause changes in both histone amino acid levels or how DNA wraps around


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