Chris Stapleton has been on the country-rock scene for a while now. His latest album, You Should Probably Leave singlehandedly changed the way I see him as an artist.

From his first song, “I Was Wrong,” to his last, “The Outlaw State of Mind,” this is one of my favourite albums from any genre in recent years.

The album is primarily about love, but it’s not the kind of sweet and simple love you might expect.

couple, love, proposal @ Pixabay

It’s more like a roller coaster ride with Stapleton as your guide. One minute he’ll be singing something sentimental to his wife on “I Was Wrong,” then he switches gears to tell her she should probably leave him in “You Should Leave.”

I can’t say which one is my favourite because they’re all so different from each other. They range from heartbreaking ballads (“Outlaw State of Mind”) to upbeat odes to marriage (“Losing You”), and everything in between (e.g., “Midnight Train”). .. 


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