Music has a way of calming the soul and bringing peace to troubled minds. The following song, by Chris Rice, is one of those songs that will help you relax and find your centre. It’s called “When Did You Fall.”

The song starts with Rice singing, “You lost your way out once on a long-ago summer night. You left the light of day behind and you’ve never found it since.”

Later in the song, he sings about how we need to keep putting our best foot forward and not give up hope.

There’s also an echo from another part of the song that says, “No one will ever know just what goes on inside me,” which is comforting because it means people understand us even if they can’t tell us themselves.

“When Did You Fall” by Chris Rice is a perfect example of music for relaxing or falling asleep when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It includes soothing piano melodies as well as soft vocals from Rice himself.


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