When we are faced with a decision, there is always some level of fear, anxiety and resistance that may arise.

In this blog post, I will talk about the 3 common fears people have when choosing between two options 

The fear of missing out on something without making a decision;

The fear of regret if they choose incorrectly; and

The fear that their choice will be incorrect because it’s not what they truly want.

little boy, hiding, sad @ Pixabay

The Fear of Missing Out on Something without Making a Decision: When we are faced with two options, there is always the fear that not making a decision at all will lead to missing out on either one.

This can be very difficult for those who value autonomy and freedom in their lives, as it seems like choosing between the two would deprive them of both choices – they might feel stuck or trapped by having made an incorrect choice.

Letting go of this fear means accepting that while you may miss something if you don’t make a decision, making any decision now does not mean your other option won’t come up again soon enough- but only once you’ve had time to weigh which option feels right for you. 


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