Many people are familiar with computer viruses, but few know how they work. The word “filterable” is often used to describe a virus because it means that the virus can be detected by antivirus software. This is important for anyone who uses a computer or smartphone on a regular basis.

In this blog post, we will discuss what viruses are and why they matter to you!

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A. A computer virus is a program that changes the way your machine operates without you knowing it, and usually does something undesirable or causes harm to the system in some way.

B. The word “filterable” is often used to describe viruses because they are examples of malware that can be detected by antivirus software for removal from an infected device

C. Viruses aren’t considered filterable just because they cannot pass through water filters

D. Computer viruses are programs designed specifically to damage computers and their data on all levels- this includes both hardware (physical) and software components, as well as information stored on its hard drive

E. Viruses work by attaching themselves onto other files which then infects them with…


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