To succeed in today’s world, you need to choose people who choose you. In the past, we used to have a few options for connecting with other people – family and friends, neighbors, coworkers at the office. These days we can connect with anyone anywhere in the world on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

And while this is great from an informational standpoint (we are no longer limited to what is happening around us geographically), it has created a new problem: too many choices! How do we determine which of all these “friends” or followers will be worth our time? Here are some tips for making the best choices:  choose people who have similar interests to you.

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This will help create a sense of community and encourage discussion – learn about their background, beliefs or values before adding them as a friend (you can find this out on social media sites with just one click) – check your own Facebook privacy settings – if they’re too open, anyone in the world can see any information you post on your page. Remember that “privacy” also includes being able to control how much time you spend online. Make sure it’s not harming other areas of your life!  Sticking to these suggestions will ensure that friends we make through social media serve us well by connecting us.


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