Everyday we are faced with decisions that can either help or hinder our progress towards achieving our goals. One of these decisions is what to wear each morning. For some, it may seem like nothing more than a trivial choice; but for others, the decision has far reaching consequences. In this blog post, we will explore how choosing one specific outfit every day can lead to good discipline and consistency in other areas of your life as well.

knight, crusader, rider @ Pixabay

Good discipline begins with a simple choice. When you choose one outfit to wear every day, it becomes easier for the rest of your routine to follow suit. You know what’s expected and that morning is much less stressful because you’ve already decided on everything from shoes to socks.

Choose clothes wisely: select neutral colors like navy blue or black that can be paired with different accessories so you have more options in terms of how your outfits will look together – without having to do laundry as often!. It also helps create consistency throughout the day by reducing decisions required at work and home. For instance, if you’re wearing jeans all day long chances are other people are going to expect them too which makes dressing not only streamlined but enjoyable as well.


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