Tradeoffs and Choices: What You Give Up to Find What You Want You know what they say about choices. They’re not always easy. Sometimes you have to decide between two things that are equally good (or bad). Other times, you want something so badly that you’ll put up with a lot of other things just to get it.

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But, as the old saying goes, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” So what does this mean? There will be trade-offs in any choice we make. For example, if we choose between going out for dinner or ordering pizza tonight – there’s no way around it – someone is going hungry. And if we choose to go on vacation this year, then that means no new clothes for the next twelve months.

So what do you want? More money or more time with your family?

A bigger house or a cleaner home? The latest fashion trend or wearing something comfortable and well-fitting? What’s most important to you right now in life – great food, amazing vacations, working out regularly, having plenty of free time each day. It’s ok to make different choices every once in awhile so you can get closer to what is really essential at any given point. And remember (as long as it doesn’t harm anyone), there are always tradeoffs when making decisions.


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