For many years, women have been fighting for equal rights and to be seen as the equals of men. In recent times, this has become more than an issue of equality – it is now a question of safety. A woman can no longer feel safe walking alone at night or go out without fear of being sexually assaulted. This change in the world has lead to what we are calling “chivalry is dead.” What does that mean? Keep reading to find out! Chivalry is Dead.

knight, armor, helmet @ Pixabay

What does that mean?

Chivalry has always been a term used to describe the courteous, polite or gentle behavior expected of someone in certain positions in society – mostly men. There are many definitions on what chivalrous behavior entails but one thing remains true: it is no longer a way for which people behave with each other.

It seems as if we have forgotten how important it was and still can be to show respect, kindness and generosity regardless of gender. In this day and age, there’s little room for those qualities now that everyone is fighting for themselves instead of others around them; all while trying so desperately not to offend anyone else who may share different beliefs than they do.


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