Do you think that Cantonese slang is always bad? Well, not everything you hear is true. There are many different words and phrases in the Cantonese language, but some of them can be misleading. This blog post will talk about how to identify what’s appropriate and what isn’t! The first sign that the word is inappropriate for general use is if it’s being used in a derogatory way. A good example of this would be “chink.” Ching chong your opinion is wrong, right? The next thing you need to look at are who and where it’s appropriate to say it. For instance, going to Taiwan with some Taiwanese friends might entail saying different things than coming home from work on Monday morning! You can always ask before using something new or unfamiliar because they’ll know what phrases are better left unsaid. Finally, context matters too! If someone calls their friend stupid don’t take offense-they may just mean ‘idiot’ which isn’t offensive at all! Of course there will always be people


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