China is on a steady path to becoming the largest economy in the world and it’s not stopping anytime soon. In fact, China will continue to grow for another 10 years with predictions of 1.4 billion people living in China by 2030 according to Forbes magazine. The increasing population makes it so that more jobs are created and more money is being made which can be reinvested into industries such as manufacturing and construction. It also means that cities like Beijing will grow larger making space for new buildings, factories, shopping malls, airports and hospitals which provide opportunities for investment and jobs! Numbers and bullet points will be included in the next paragraph. China’s GDP is predicted to grow at an annual average of more than six percent per annum during 2020-2030, roughly twice the rate of growth as it has averaged over 2010-2018. It can therefore be expected that China will overtake the United States in nominal terms by 2030. The manufacturing sector contributed 42% to China’s total economic output in 2018, up from a low 36% just two years prior. The construction industry contributed 11%, nearly double what they did back in 2008 before its real estate bubble burst. So while many people may not know much about Beijing or Shanghai today, these cities are soon going to become household


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