A successful breakfast routine starts with a successful morning routine. If children are running around the house in their pajamas, it’s hard for them to eat when they get hungry. The first step is to make sure that kids have a set time and place where they can eat breakfast. They should be instructed to put on pants or other appropriate clothing before eating so that they don’t need to worry about getting dressed after breakfast. Next, give them some healthy food options like cereal, oatmeal, fruit and yogurt (or any foods you know your child will eat) so that there is variety in their meal choices each day. Finally, establish an “eat now” rule and teach children how much of each item they are allowed to take. Some children may need a little more time to develop the breakfast-eating habit. Make sure that they have a healthy morning routine and give them plenty of opportunities for meals during the day so that when hunger sets in, there are nutritious choices available. If you’re having trouble helping your child transition from not eating anything at all to just one thing like cereal or yogurt, try breaking their meal into two parts with fruit between each part in order make it feel less overwhelming. Finally, be patient! It will take some trial and error before you figure out what works best for your family’s needs. Long form content: The next step is to establish an “eat now” rule and teach children how much of each item they


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