Children whose parents use psychological control as a means of discipline are more likely to __. This is an alarming statistic that should be taken into consideration by all parents who have children in their household. Psychological control, or the act of controlling someone else’s thoughts and actions, can lead to many negative consequences for both the person being controlled and those around them. In this blog post we will discuss what psychological control is and how it can affect your child’s behavior in a harmful way. Psychological control is often a hidden type of emotional abuse. It occurs when one person in the relationship, usually someone who has power over another individual, tries to manipulate that person’s thoughts and behaviors by using methods such as coercion or threats. This can be done through subtle put-downs, intimidation tactics like yelling or shaming words/behaviors so it seems crazy for anyone else to behave any differently. The goal is to make the other feel small and powerless while simultaneously making their abuser seem superior. And children are especially vulnerable targets because they don’t have much experience with life outside of home yet which makes them more likely to believe what you tell them about themselves and others around them – if it comes from their parents.


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