“Lost Voices: A Tribute to the Young” is a compilation of true and emotional stories from children who survived the Holocaust. It was published in 1995, by Hilda Bernstein and Simha Flapan. The book is written for young readers aged 10-14 years old, with an introduction by Elie Wiesel. The authors wanted to tell these stories because they felt that they must not be forgotten, so that future generations will know what happened during this time period in history.

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The authors first met in Tel Aviv, Israel, and discussed the idea of writing a book together. They decided to write about young children who were victims during World War II because they felt that these stories should not be forgotten. The two asked other survivors if they would like to make contributions as well; however, most of them said no due to their old age or fear that telling their story might hurt family members still living in Europe at the time. Hilda Bernstein eventually found some willing contributors from Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland after extensive research. Most of the contributors are now deceased with exception of Simha Flapan who is living in Jerusalem today. This project was somewhat difficult for me because I came across many topics such as concentration camps.


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