It can be difficult to make friends, especially during the adolescent years. As if it wasn’t hard enough already, there’s also the problem of how likable you are by your peers. Some kids are lucky and manage to get along with everyone; others seem like they’re just not trying hard enough at all. But what about those who are uniformly disliked? What do we call them?

girl, father, portrait @ Pixabay

Luckily, there’s a science-y term for those kids who are disliked by everyone. They’re called the “unlikable child.” Let’s take a look at these youngsters and see what might be going on with them to make them such an outcast. In any social group or clique of friends, it seems like one person stands out as less popular than all the others: they don’t get invited to parties, their name doesn’t come up in conversations about dating or driving lessons – you know this kid is just not liked among his peers. This dislike can lead to bullying (or being bullied), exclusion from activities, verbal abuse.. The list goes on and no matter how hard that unpopular kid tries he can never


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