The world of fitness is filled with misconceptions and stereotypes. Women who are lifting weights have been called “too muscular” or “unfeminine.” Luckily, we’re in 2016 where it’s okay for us to be strong and feminine at the same time! In this post, you’ll learn about six women who lift. Some of these ladies started out as self-conscious girls but now they’re proud members of the gym community.

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First up is Lauren. She was always self-conscious about her body and felt like it made other people uncomfortable too, so she spent most of high school hiding behind baggy clothes. As a college student though, she realized that weight training could build confidence as well as strength. “I got into lifting because I wanted to feel strong,” says Lauren. Exercise can be an emotional release for some women (like me!) who lift weights! For example, Anna remembers feeling angry after a bad day at work when she walked into the gym for the first time in years. But instead of taking out her anger on the equipment or herself, she decided to get back on track with fitness goals by joining’s Fit


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