If you have a Chevy truck that is losing power when accelerating, it is time to go in for service. The problem could be as simple as an air filter or the computer needs updating. However, if your chevy truck has lost power at high speeds and doesn’t seem to regain its acceleration after slowing down, there may be more serious issues going on under the hood of your vehicle. There are two scenarios that your Chevy truck may be experiencing. The first is if there’s an issue with the engine control module or powertrain control module, which could lead to a problem in transmission shifting and/or vehicle motion. And the second would be if there was a problem with one of the wires coming out of the coil pack, causing it to not read electrical pulses properly. If you have any questions about your Chevy truck, stop by our nearest service department. We’re ready to take care of whatever problems may be going on with your vehicle! See the Car Point Blog for more information and support updates: carpointblog.com/2017/01/chevy-truck-losing-power-when-accelerating/more Title Alternatives: “Chevy Truck Loses Power When Accelerating” or “Check Engine Light Coming On?” or “What Causes a Chevy Truck to Lose its Power While Driving?”


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