If you’re having problems with your Chevy 350, this post will be able to help. We’ll go over 6 common Chevy 350 problems and the solutions for them! Problem #01: If your Chevy 350 is sputtering when accelerating, you may need to change the carburetor. Solution: The problem with this can be fixed by replacing the carburetor.

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Problem #02: You might notice that it’s hard to start your engine if you have carbon buildup on your piston rings and cylinder walls. Solution: This will require a full rebuild of the engine or an oversized piston kit for manual transmission (such as a 400-series).

Solution #03: A bad timing belt could cause the motor oil pump not lubricating properly which would result in poor performance and hesitation during acceleration! -The solution for this is just simply tightening up all fasteners around the camshaft. Solution #04: If your Chevy 350 runs too hot, you may have a vacuum leak which will cause loss of power and poor acceleration.

-The solution for this is to replace any hoses or gaskets that are cracked or leaking- it could be as easy as just tightening up the hose clamps! Problem #05: One common problem with these cars is if they’re not driven regularly (every other day) then the oil in the crankcase can become sludgy and dirty over time. This causes an increase in oil viscosity which can lead to overheating problems when accelerating quickly from idle speeds without proper warmup periods before driving aggressively. Solution: The first step would be to make sure


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