Does my ring hurt your finger?

This is a question that Charlie Pride asks his wife in the song “I’m Your Puppet.” The lyrics of this song showcase how much he loves her and worries about her. This blog post discusses what it means to be someone’s puppet, as well as some other songs that have similar themes.

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Keywords: charlie pride puppet song, does my ring hurt your finger? __ Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger? The lyrics of “I’m Your Puppet” discuss how Charlie Pride’s wife worries about him and asks if his rings bother her.

In the first verse he sings that she wants to take off his jewelry because it hurts her fingers. The second verse says that they’re not going through all this trouble for anyone else but them (the two of them). He also mentions in the chorus that she don’t like wearing no makeup; I know you ain’t too proud when you ask me why I hit ya with a cane – trying to make life better from what we have on our hands.”


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