Charles and Camilla are getting divorced. Under the terms of the decree, Charles will pay Camilla monthly instalments for her living expenses in addition to a lump sum payment as well as an allowance that she will be entitled to receive by virtue of being his wife.

The question on everyone’s mind is what they’re going to fight over next? 

What will they fight over next? Will it be about the division of assets?

Who will get to keep their titles, and is there a chance that Camilla could transfer her royal title back to Diana’s name?

How much are we talking about when Charles pays out for his divorce settlement with Camilla?

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The BBC has reported that she’ll receive $14million (£11m) as part of the agreement.  But this is just an estimate because reporters have been unable to find a source close to the couple willing or able to provide details on how much money was involved in negotiations between them which led up to their separation. And what happens if either party wants children from one another but can’t agree


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