This blog post will focus on the decision of whether to change the product mix emphasis in the short run. It is clear that changing the product mix emphasis in the short run will usually not affect market share, but it can lead to a decrease in revenue and profit margins.

In order for this strategy to be successful, there must be some kind of cost savings or other benefits that outweigh these drawbacks.

The decision to change the product mix emphasis in the short run is typically made when there are too many products on hand, and they all need to be sold.

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The goal of this strategy is usually not long-term profitability but rather a quick sale for cash flow purposes.

This will help alleviate the pressure that may arise from excess inventory or during periods of stagnant sales.

It can also be used as a marketing technique where companies will create new styles or colours so customers have more choices available when buying their clothes; these additions might even spur new demand for their other items because consumers do not want anything left out!

Consumers should always look at what type of company is making these decisions before purchasing any clothing.


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