Scientists have been looking at the trilobite exoskeleton for years, and they just recently found out that it can be attributed to __.

They also learned that this discovery has a lot of implications for other ancient creatures such as dinosaurs. This is because the changes in their exoskeletons are most likely due to __, which is something we’ve never seen before.

This article goes into more detail about how these findings could change history as we know it!

A study of trilobite fossils revealed that the exoskeleton was more likely to change with __. This is because it suggested a high level of resilience and adaptability in these creatures, which we’ve never seen before in other ancient animals such as dinosaurs.

national history museum, london, uk @ Pixabay

It’s possible that there will be some major changes made on what our textbooks say if scientists find evidence supporting their theory… But only time will tell!


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