A song is a powerful thing. It can speak to your soul, change the atmosphere of a room, and give you an emotional response that words alone cannot express.

But what if we take out the singing?

What would happen then?

This blog post will explore lyrics from popular songs and see what they might say without vocals.

The author of the blog post is going to write about song lyrics and how they can be interpreted without vocals.

cassette, music, obsolete @ Pixabay

Here are some examples:

And I know, when we said goodbye tonight, it would take a little while for me to get over you– from “She’s Gone” by Hall & Oates. Or I ain’t got no worries now all my cares have flown away like birds in the sky gone back where they belong–from “Bird on a Wire” by Leonard Cohen.

And finally, let’s not forget that timeless classic, If loving you was wrong then I don’t want to be right– from “(You’re) Having My Baby” sung originally by Paul Anka


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