Most of what jurors do is confidential, for the wellbeing and privacy of the jury members. However, there are a few things that get discussed in public court records. One type of discussion that happens publicly is when a juror needs to give justification for their vote.

Challenges to jurors that require a justification are called “challenges”

The lawyer who asks for justification may not know how to proceed with their case if they don’t receive it or feel like they need more information from the juror.

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A challenge can be issued by either side as long as it’s not done too frequently, and each party gets three challenges per trial.

Once those challenges have been used up, both sides will typically agree on a number of questions before starting deliberations in order to avoid issuing impulsive challenges.

Judges do not usually get involved unless one side feels threatened by another’s questioning. One exception is when a judge wants clarification about what happened during deliberation.


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