Certain traits that allow pathogens to create infection and cause disease are termed virulent. These characteristics include the ability to invade cells, persistence in an environment, or production of toxins.

Pathogens with these qualities are often the most dangerous because they can be difficult to get rid of without advanced medical care.

11 Steps To Improve Your Conversion Rate We have all heard about how important it is to convert your website visitors into customers.

germ, bacillus, angry @ Pixabay

A conversion takes place when a visitor clicks on an ad or link and then performs the desired action, such as ordering a product online or filling out a form with their contact information.

Conversion rates are usually expressed in percentages; if you get 100 people to visit your site but only 20 of them buy something after being there for 30 seconds that would be considered a 20% conversion rate. Most businesses want higher conversion rates than this!

This article provides 11 tips to help improve conversions on your site:

Offer discounts during holidays and other peak shopping seasons

Make sure any forms on the page make sense.


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