What is Coding?

Coding is the act of writing instructions, or programming, in a language that computers can understand. These instructions are used for various purposes, such as to create video games, websites and more. The most popular languages include HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), Java Script (used by both front-end designers and programmers), Ruby (programming language) and PHP (hypertext preprocessor). Coding Guidelines: Always use error handling when coding so you can be sure if something goes wrong it will display an appropriate message. Do not throw errors unless you’re absolutely sure there isn’t a better way to handle them.

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Consider using constants instead of literal numbers in your code. Make sure you are using the right data type when coding. Do not use single quotes unless absolutely necessary *Be careful with concatenation and string manipulation. Avoid it if possible *Use a “Pascal” brace to start blocks of code, but be consistent throughout your project on which one is used for non-block code. Pairs should always end in a semicolon (;).


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