What is your favorite cereal?

For many people, it’s a bowl of cold milk and their favorite cereal. But what about that time when you don’t have any milk in the house? No big deal – you just take out some of your other cereals. Let’s talk today about how to make cereal without milk. Soak the cereal in milk for about 30 minutes. The more porous, the better! You can use leftover milk from dinner last night or skimmed over ice if you’re feeling fancy.

cereals, cup, muesli @ Pixabay

Place a pot on medium heat and add your soaked cereal to it with one tablespoon of brown sugar at first as well as any other desired toppings (such as pieces fruit). Let this cook until all water is absorbed by the cereal, stirring occasionally so that none sticks to bottom or burns. Add another tablespoon of brown sugar halfway through cooking process and stir again before removing from stovetop when done. This will give you a gooey texture like oatmeal without having to make it yourself.


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