Century is a word that can be used in many different contexts. For example, it could refer to the 100 years that have passed since World War I ended or it also could mean one hundred of something, such as century eggs (100-year old eggs). This article will focus on what an English-speaking person would call a “century.”

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The Oxford Dictionary describes the centenary process as: “the running up and down of steps at regular intervals for exercise; any series of exercises performed by skipping over these same intervals”. In other words, when you want to start doing this type of exercise again after not having done them for some time – even if it’s just once more before giving up altogether – there are four easy steps to follow. First, find a suitably large open space with no obstacles or stairs in the way (you’ll be going back and forth). Second, place one foot on top of an imaginary line about 15 feet away from your starting point. 


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