Many kids have a hard time learning to read. This can lead to frustration and anxiety as they start school, which is why the Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good was created! The center offers classes that are tailored to suit a child’s needs, in order to help them succeed and feel confident about themselves.

It can be difficult being different from everyone else at school – but with these programs, children will not only learn how to read better, but also build social skills so they can become more comfortable interacting with other kids. Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good is the first of its kind in New York City, and has been well received by parents with children who can’t read.

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It’s very important to learn how to read at an early age so that they’ll have a better chance of succeeding later on. Unfortunately many kids are not diagnosed until middle school or high school because reading difficulties aren’t always obvious when you’re young.

The Center offers free assessments as well as classes tailored specifically towards each child’s needs – one-on-one instruction, phonics training, speech help, etc. This year we expect over 500 students from across the five boroughs including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island will attend our programs.


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