The cells that form a tissue are held together by connective tissues. Connective tissues can be classified as either dense or loose. Dense connective tissues, like bone, tend to have a firmer consistency and make up the supportive structures of our body. Loose connective tissues, such as cartilage and skin, have more flexibility but less strength than dense connective tissue. Body: Connective tissues are the cells that form a tissue. They can be classified as either dense or loose, and both have different properties when it comes to flexibility versus strength. Dense connective tissues tend to have more of these characteristics than do loose connective tissues, which are generally softer and more flexible but less strong by comparison. -Dense connective tissues like bone make up supportive structures in our body. These types of fibers often contain fewer spaces between them for things such as air or blood vessels to flow through before meeting with other types of cells found elsewhere in the body (like muscle). This is because they need to provide stability for skeletal muscles throughout your entire body from head-to-toe! Loose connect


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