You may not know this, but some celebrities have sold their souls for fame and fortune. These celebs are willing to do anything to get ahead in the entertainment industry. Some of them only become famous after they sell their soul while others had it all before they agreed to trade their soul away. We will take a look at 11 celebrities who have sold their souls! LeBron James This is probably the most well known celebrity who has traded his soul for fame. LeBron was born into a middle class family, but he wanted to become successful so badly that he sold his soul in exchange for success and fortune. He’s now worth over 100 million dollars! His time with the Miami Heat came to an end when they lost their championship title because of this trade off. But since then, he’s won two more championships with Cleveland Cavaliers through deals made for him by Michael Jordan himself! You can’t say all bad things about being friends with MJ..even if it means trading your life away from you. We hope these celebrities learn from LeBron’s mistake before it’s too late or


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