“O’ahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and it’s home to many celebrities. This article will cover 11 famous people who call O’ahu their home.” 11 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Lived on O’ahu The largest of Hawaii’s islands, also known as the ” Gathering Place ,” is home to our favorite celebs. Some famous people are born and raised in Hawai‘i while others have found their way here from other parts of the world.”O’ahu” means “to find joy,” so we hope these 11 celebrities bring you some happiness! Learn more about them below: -Zendaya has been living on her grandmothers farm since she was five years old, where they grow mangos and avocados among many other fruits. The actress still spends much time there today. Zendaya came back to visit in 2014 with a group of other celebrities to promote the state’s tourism industry. -In her book “Hawaii,” comedian Margaret Cho writes about how she was born in Seoul, South Korea and adopted by an American family when she was three years old. She moved to O’ahu with them at age four and has lived here ever since. The rapper Shaggy used to live on this island for a time before he became one of the most famous musicians in Jamaica. He said that his experience living there influenced much of his early songwriting because it reminded him of home.”I’m not afraid to be happy, but I am cautious around happiness” is a lyric from his popular song “Mr Boombastic”. Gwen Stefani has


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